Swaziland holiday packages – the heritage kingdom

Swaziland holiday packages – The tourism industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds in many regions of the world and the southern part of Africa is not an exception. Southern Africa has continued to attract visitors from across the world due to the peace the region enjoys, friendly weather, warm people, culture and tradition as well as abundant  and unique natural features.

One of those countries that has enjoyed continued surge in tourism numbers is the tiny kingdom of Swaziland. Many reasons point to this development among which is the fact that Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy in the world, this has made this tiny kingdom capitalise on that status to promote its culture and tradition as an attraction, a case in point in this regard is the annual reed dance which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The kingdom also boasts of having some of the finest nature reserves with an extensive collection of wildlife and vegetation.

With over two decades of experience in arranging tours to Swaziland, Thompsons Africa is still the trusted destination management company for visitors to Swaziland. Some of the travel highlights in Swaziland include watching hippos in the Mlilwane game reserve, adrenalin pumping water rafting activities on the great Usutu river, memories of Swaziland can also be preserved by paying a visit to the Ngwenya glass factory which has a collection of souvenirs from the perfectly crafted glass animals and artistic wine glasses. Some leisure time can also be spent at the royal Swazi sun and Casino. Seekers of mystery can also visit Swazi traditional healers on an organised tour.

Swaziland is indeed a kingdom waiting to be explored.


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