Student flights, for the adventurous youth

Scientific, economic and social research statistics have proven beyond any reasonable that the youth are the adventurous group of the global human population. The South African scenario is not any different. With the country having one of the youngest populations in the world at 24.9 years. This group of the population also happen to be the key players in the countries economic development programmes and have the income and appetite to spend and travel across the world. One organisation involved in creating an enabling environment and opportunities for young people to travel is Student Flights.

Student flights has dedicated itself to arranging flights, holidays, tours, working holidays at special rates which caters for different income groups. These flights cover local and international flights with destinations such as Amsterdam, Bangkok, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Perth, Phuket and Sydney all covered.

With a strong emphasis placed on the youth, those who are between the ages of 18 and 35 do not need to submit a student card. Student flights has made a pledge to beat any airfare quote or a client gets R2000 towards a flight. If one is a full-time student or under 26, there may be even better value flights available.

Student flights can be contacted on 0877405033.

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