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Reasons Why Flying is Better Than Road Trips

Flying versus road travelling is an age old debate that never disappears or come to a conclusive end. Various reasons have been advanced why one mode of transportation is better than the other. Below are some reasons why flying is better than road trips.

Road trips cost more – Unless you are using miles, plane tickets have a hefty upfront purchase price that can sting.This is probably the number one reason why folks load up in the car and drive. However the costs of a road trip escalate when you add in the wear and tear on the vehicle, tolls and snacks.This is especially true on longer road trips that add hotel nights and extra meals on the road due to the extra travel time.

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Is Flying is Better Than Road Trips — is an age old debate that never disappears or come to a conclusive end

Food – Airports aren’t necessarily known for their super healthy cuisine, but you can usually come up with a pretty healthy option in most airports such as sushi, salads and even fresh squeezed juices. On the road you don’t usually find those spots right along the freeway, and if you do they probably don’t have the drive through quick service that families are often seeking on the road.

Better use of time in the air – Not only does air travel often result in a shorter total travel time, but the time in the air can be used more productively than in the car. In the air, you can nap, type and even work online on many flights.That means you don’t have to worry about catching up as much when you get back home.

Safety – Research relating to accidents shows that there are more road traffic accidents recorded than aircraft crashes.This therefore means you are much more safer and shielded from fatal accidents when you fly than when you travel by road.

Comfort – While the motor vehicle industry continues to manufacture vehicles which are very comfortable, vehicle transportation still isn’t the most comfortable vehicle for a long trip and sitting for hours at a time is just uncomfortable. On a plane you can usually stand up and stretch or head to the lavatory as needed without slowing down the trip.


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