Mozambique holiday packages – the tourism mecca

Mozambique is a coastal country around the southern part of Africa. Mozambique offers very unique African features but with the distinctive Portuguese charm and flavor. Located in the Southeastern part of Africa with an estimated population of 22,894,000 with the capital city being Maputo, Mozambique has become a tourism jewel on the continent.

It is only in Mozambique where different categories of visitors and tourists will always find something suitable for them. A walk around the streets of Maputo the capital city awakens one to pavement cafes, live music and first class seafood such as crayfish, prawns and calamari in exquisite restaurants dotted around. The city of Maputo provides visitors an insight into the history of the country with well preserved turn of the century buildings. Street traders also display and sale their hand crafted wares and other pieces which depict the Mozambican history, culture and traditions.

Due to its abundant water resources and the sea-coast, visitors will always be spoiled for choice with crystal clear waters, calm waters, snow-white beaches.These water bodies also provide the right playground for water related activities like scuba diving, snorkeling or even adventure in aquatic underworld. Not too far from Maputo is the island of Bazaruto which boasts of pristine beaches and first class fishing activities. A lazy day at the beach in Bazaruto can be spent gazing at the vibrant bird-life which is estimated to be around 240 species.

Mozambique is indeed the ideal destination to enjoy beach life, water sports, nature, art, historic traditions and seafood cuisine.

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