Island Light Holidays community service initiatives

The Island Light Holidays under LUX resorts firmly believes in giving service to the community. The travel and tourism industry is a global multi billion business contributing to the growth of many economies, creating employment and giving profits to the many stakeholders involved. However this industry has from time immemorial depended on natural and culture resources for its continued sustainability, above the natural and cultural resource is also the human resource which is at the core of the business.

Island Light HolidaysThe Island Light Holidays has therefore adopted the practice of sustainable tourism which uses community service initiatives as a vehicle towards supporting the integrity of local cultures, by favoring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and traditional values, supporting local economies by purchasing local goods and allowing participation of small local businesses,conserving resources by engaging in business which is environment conscious by using the least possible amount of non renewable resources. Some of the projects which have been embarked on in this regard include the tread lightly initiatives, the GML Joseph lagesse foundation and the pack for a purpose initiatives.

Under the tread lightly initiative which was launched in august 2011, the company has focused on achieving a carbon clean future with a reduced consumption from electricity. A committee dubbed the green committee to handle all environmental and energy saving related activities has since been established.

Founded in the year 2005, the GML  lagasse foundation is a non profit organisation that seeks to solicit companies which includes those around the Indian ocean islands to use 2% of their profits after tax for CSI initiatives that aid the alleviation of poverty, provide healthcare to those in need, protect the environment and promote education and training in local communities.

The pack for a purpose campaign has been designed for the lives of children around the world. It encourages travellers to make a contribution especially into the lives of children in destinations they visit. Island light holidays provides supply lists provided by local community based projects which helps travellers decide towards what need they can direct their token of assistance.

With the contribution of the Island Light Holidays under LUX in the Indian ocean islands, the tourism sector, employees and local communities are truly assured of a lighter and  brighter future.

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