Hotels Reunion Island

Reunion Island is located in the Indian ocean off the east coast of Madagascar with the capital city being Saint Denis. The Reunion Islands is a cross roads of religions and customs from Asia, Africa, India and Europe.

Settling on this Island started in the 17th century when the french colonists surrounded themselves with slaves from Africa, they were later joined by Indian,Tamil and other laborers originating from the Coromandel Coast. It is therefore not surprising that cultural expression is in the image of of inhabitants which are diverse and multifaceted. Everyone on this Island through his beliefs as well as through cuisine safeguards the memory of his origins.

While these traditions have contributed to attracting tourists to this Island, the tourists attracted by these traditions can not beat the numbers that travel to the Reunion Island to experience the beauty on this magical piece of an Island.

Located approximately 30 minutes flight from Mauritius with strong coral barrier surrounding this Island, the waves can be spectacularly huge. Reunion Island is a haven and a dream alive with beaches, surfing sports, whales, dolphins and hundreds of fish species.

Reunion Island is a paradise for masses of honeymooners and luxury travelers. It is a thrill seekers paradise.
Hotels Reunion Island

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