Holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the worlds most popular holiday destinations. Discovered in the 10th century and located 900 km east of Madagascar and having gained its independence on 12 march 1968, Mauritius has grown to be a tourism success story at the global level.

The spectacle Of Mauritius is a filmmakers dream, Mauritius is a couples retreat and a family’s perfect vacation destination. It offers exotic beaches and the captivating blue sea. Mauritius is a paradise of endless white sand beaches, abundant bird life and scenic mountains added with fascinating mixtures, colorful traditions and festivals.

Destination Mauritius due to its popularity may be perceived to be a one stop resort but Mauritius boasts of a number of resorts within itself such as Merville beach, Lux le morne, Lux belle mare, Ile des deux cocos, Tamassa  resort, Lex grand gaube and Lux belle mare villas which all offer world class tourism attractions and amenities.

While this island destination is best known for its naturally beautiful landscape,The Island also  boasts of a rich cultural heritage and diversity.
The rich Mauritian diversity can be found in its multi ethnicity, religious and the cuisine mixture  found on the island.
holidays mauritius
Visitors to this Island can find traditional western dishes from the colonial past but also discover delicate new taste and aromas of the more exotic, oriental dishes brought by the Indian and Chinese migrants. Religion has become a huge part of the Mauritian community  fiber, in Mauritius christian churches can be found next to a mosque, Indian temples next to Chinese pagodas.Various Indian, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim festivals are celebrated with devotion all year round by different communities and some of them can be quite spectacular like the fire walking ceremony which is performed on the Cavadee day.

The Mauritian economy is centered on agriculture and manufacturing.Textiles and clothing manufacturing have also become important industries along with chemicals, metals and machinery but the biggest share of the economy is tourism which attracts about a million visitors per calendar year.

Mauritius is indeed a world waiting to be seen and enjoyed.

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