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Gadgets Which Will Make Flying Better

Airhook -This recently launched innovation is designed to hold your beverage and phone or tablet in place without the need for an open tray table,leaving you with more space.The portable gadget is said to support any electronic device up to 7.5 inches tall using an adjustable wire and a clip to keep the phone or tablet in place.The mount can be adjusted for better viewing angles when the passenger in front reclines the seat. While the nifty device might allow you more room for movement around your seat, there appears to be a risk of liquids spilling everywhere, including onto your electronic equipment, yourself and your neighbours, during moments of turbulence.

Knee Defender – The Knee Defender safeguards precious legroom by preventing the seat in front of you from reclining any further. Placed at the top of either arm of the tray table, the miniature device, about the same height as a house key, keeps the seat in front of you locked in place. It comes with a “Courtesy Card” that can be given to the passenger in front of you to tell them you’re using the clips and explaining how much (in inches) you are willing to allow the seat to be reclined and to notify you if they need to recline their seat at any point during the flight.

B-Tourist Band – This band seeks to provide passengers with private space in which to eat and sleep during a fight.The elastic band comes with two plastic rings that can be used to unjust the width of the band on both sides.This allows a full partition for complete privacy or a partial wall to allow interaction with other fliers or the cabin crew.

Retimer Glasses – These glasses are designed to help your body adjust to a new time zone more quickly and eliminate the symptoms of jet lag by gradually changing the time of the day your eyes are exposed to light.The lightweight glasses are large enough to fit over your reading glasses and have a rechargeable battery within the frame. It can also be charged via its USB port.

NapAnywhere pillow – This is a portable and collapsible foam structure that can be twisted into shape and perched between your head and shoulder, allowing you to sleep while travelling as a passenger on planes.This pillow comes with a strap that is pulled diagonally across your chest and tightened to keep it in place.

TRTL – This is a sleep scarf designed to help you travel rested and travel light.Weighing just 139 grams, the lightweight scarf is made with an internal support system allowing you to rest your head or sleep in a comfortable upright position thanks to its bendy but structured form.

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