Yookos: Africa’s Facebook?

Launched in 2011, Yookos is a social networking site aimed at people across the African continent. Almost identical to Facebook, the site allows users to connect with friends, publish status updates, write blog posts and engage with others in extended networks. The social networking site is currently headquartered in Johannesburg.

Yookos has been touted as a site that is different and allows the community to communicate on a deeper level. It was formed as a way for the Christian community to discuss topics of interest, network and stay in touch. The site also has other features, like chat and bloggers can share content that is visible to anyone on the site. Yookos is available as a mobi site, and also has applications on BlackBerry, Android and iOS and caters to the large installed base of feature phones on the continent.

Popular in Nigeria, the site has more than 50% of its user base in the African country. Other countries using Yookos include Zimbabwe, South Africa, the UK and the US. To be financially viable, Yookos makes most of its money through advertising, but the network is funded by investors from the telecommunications, IT and the financial services sectors who’d like to remain anonymous.

A favourite with Television and radio stations in Nigeria, Yookas has seen an influx of people interested in Nigerian content, such as movies and other types of multimedia. Television and radio stations in Nigeria.

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