Will Apple’s EarPods Track Your Health?

Another rumour circles around Apple. According to the rumour, Apple’s new earpods will include sensors to measure heart rate and blood pressure. Serving as a gateway for future Apple wearable, the earpods, according to an Apple insider, will also have iBeacons so you’ll never lose them again.

Rumours are rumours, and they are always easy to dismiss but, the technical claims made here have a series of patents behind them. Apple’s research in biometric sensors attached to device accessories goes back to at least 2006. Filed in 2007, and granted in 2008, one patent covers “integrated sensors for tracking performance metrics.” More recently, a patent filing revolve around a biometric headphone system that can measure temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels.

Of course, Apple has been mum on the advancement of their earpods and because the tech giant is always filing patents, it is very difficult to keep track.

Claims are the new EarPods will launch alongside iOS 8 — and presumably the iPhone 6. It’s possible an iWatch will come along for the ride too.

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