Whatsim — Free WhatsApp Chat Anywhere In The World

WhatsApp is a cross platform mobile messaging app that has swept the world off its feet. Research shows that more than half of South Africa’s urban adult mobile phone users are using this instant messaging service. Globally, this platform has 700 million monthly active users. In order to make this even a better experience for those who travel, a shrewd entrepreneur engineer launched Whatsim.

Running under the umbrella of Zeromobile, Whatsim promises subscribers that they can chat on WhatsApp absolutely free of charge and with no limits anywhere in the world. Whatsim connects to more than 400 operators in about 150 countries, this implies that it can connect to the provider with the best coverage anywhere in the world.

If you change your position, it automatically searches for a new provider. If a better one is available, it connects by itself without you even noticing it. Whatsim has neither fixed costs nor monthly payments and it never expires.

Whatsim is indeed good communication going a step further.

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