Valour Smart Bike, Brings GPS Directions To Your Handlebar

Unlike the motor vehicle industry, the bicycle has seen little innovation over the years. Even though we now have cars smart enough to drive themselves, innovation has been lacking in the bike industry.

In comes the Vanhawks Valour smart bike. A bike reported to connect with a Smartphone app and brings in GPS technology straight to the handlebars. The first connected bike, the Valour smart bike features performance tracking, interactive feedback and security sensors that all work together to radically change the way we ride. Designed to make biking safer, the Valour smart bike will also send notifications, via sensors located at the back of the bike, to the rider to alert them when vehicles are in their blind-spot. The bike connects to both iOS and Android devices and can receive directions via the devices.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for turn-by-turn directions to be relied to the handlebars fitted with LED lights, flash to indicate when you should turn, reducing the need to take your eyes off the road, looking at the directions on your device, minimising distractions. Slick and cool in design, the Valour smart bike comes in a lightweight carbon fibre frame. The bike is also customisable, over time the bike will learn where the potholes and suggests the safest, even quickest, routes.

Currently seeking funding for the bike through a Kickstarter Campaign, interested parties can pre-order two versions of the bike: a one-speed version, selling at $1,049 or the geared version available for $1,199. Bikes will be available for shipping from November.

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