Tweet Writing

Yes, it is a thing. These days, people judge you by your character – all 140 of them. Write your tweets properly. The concision of the messages takes nothing away from their impact, so it may be a good idea to spend some time on perfecting your tweet writing.

Clear; concise and brief – these are just some of the important characteristics found in a carefully constructed tweet. Clear and brief, seems pretty straightforward; Twitter only gives you 140 characters. Be clear and avoid ambiguity as this can have quite an impact – sometimes contrary to what you imagined. Concise, because you need to hold interest from the get-go, and a tweet is already at a disadvantage, as the attention span it receives is very small.

Know what you want to say and what not to say. Whether you are using Twitter for business or personally, on Twitter, you are what you tweet. Stick to your list religiously. Do not deviate from your list, unless it has been decided and deliberated upon.

Don’t try to be controversial for controversy’s sake. If your brand thrives on radical stances, however, by all means go for it. But, controversial tweets bring controversial responses. Like already stated, you are what you tweet, so if the controversial stance is one you want to take; bear in that before long, controversy is all your brand will be known for, and people will remember you for all the wrong reasons.

“Tweetn lyk dis wl gt u in2 truble.” Just because you have character limits doesn’t mean grammar should take the back seat. Grammar remains important. Twitter’s character limits have forced many to be creative in their way of writing. When tweeting links, make sure you use a reputable URL shortening service. Ideally, your shortening service should be able to analyze the hits gained from Twitter, ensuring your reporting becomes easier, and also enables you to be able to chart a course of direction, if necessary.

Spend time writing tweets properly. You can delete a tweet from Twitter, but seldom ever from people minds.

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