Try FaceSnap, an App That Takes Hands-Free Selfies

Whether it was thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and her star-studded photo at the Oscars or… It was Ellen. Everywhere you look, it’s the selfie. So widespread are selfies that FaceSnap has propped up, because let’s face it; trying to look cute and snap a photo is hardly an east feat to achieve.

Enter FaceSnap, the new iOS app that is great to have if you are fond of the selfie. Basically, it’s a photo timer for your Smartphone that takes a number of shots in short, successive bursts and gives you short breaks in between to change poses. Not just a timer, FaceSnap has two settings – Party Camera and Room Surveillance – that use Galileo, room-scanning technology. Party Camera allows your back camera to slowly evaluate the room and once it detects a face, it will snap a series of shots (5). Room surveillance allows your camera to survey your space, snapping a single image once a face is detected. These two settings make it so much easier to snap friends in crowded rooms.

The Galileo technology however is not yet advanced enough to capture moving shots; it will pick up and photograph a person only if she’s facing your camera nearly head on. Since the majority of the Smartphones on the market lack the important timer feature, i.OS users must count themselves lucky indeed. The standard Android and Windows Phone camera apps also come with no timer feature

Here’s how to use it:

1. Download the app here and open it.
2. Your face will appear in the middle of the screen
3. Using the Galileo technology, the app will recognise your face and frame it in a green box – you need to stand still and stare straight at your phone. Once your face is detected, tap the “Snap” bubble.
4. Your phone will immediately take three photos in a row of your face. Afterwards, it will pause for a few seconds and then resume. To stop it, tap the opaque STOP bubble.
5. Tap on the yellow folder at the bottom-left corner of the screen to see the results
6. You’ll enter a gallery featuring a number of shots of your face. To delete and send whole batches, tap the paper icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen
7. Select as many shots as you like, and then decide below if you want to delete or send them.
8. Back at the home screen, you can switch among modes by tapping the tool icon on the bottom right of the screen
9. You’ll be given three options. To switch quickly, tap the mode you want, and then tap Done. Below there are descriptions to remind you what each mode does.
10. Adjust the frequency of your time breaks between photo bursts in the Settings section.

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