Top 5 New or Improved Android Apps

In the categories of password management, Web browser compression, lock screen functionality and media, we look at the top 5 free android apps that are new or have been extensively updated. These apps are available in Google’s Play Store.

At the top of the list is Enpass. Rating 4.3 stars, it claims between 10 000 and 50 000 install. Enpass syncs and stores your passwords and PINs using AES – 256 encryption. The latest revision was introduces earlier this year and a limited feature set is available for free. The revised app included a brand new built-in browser with autofill that lets you open a website in Enpass with your User ID and password already filled in.

Google’s latest update for Chrome on Android syncs across all your devices and also compresses data. With over a million installs, and a 4.3 star rating, Google Chrome is reduces data usage by up to 50%.

Making work apps available when at work and leisure apps when at home, the Beta Cover Lock Screen is genius. Rated 4.4 stars and claiming over a half a million installs, the Cover Lock Screen learns your most used apps, based on location. The app then places your apps in a location-specific lock screen. And depending on where you are, have these apps easily available instead  of digging through numerous home screens.

Now with an alarm clock, Pandora’s newly updated app lets you pick a favorite radio station to wake up to. The music streaming service brings you the alarm clock meets the 21st century. Scoring 4.5 stars and claiming between 100 000 000 to 500 000 000 installs, Pandora’s new features include the ability to customize alarms throughout the week up front. Importantly, there’s a snooze function too.

MTV’s recently launched on-demand app lets you view entire episodes of MTV shows. But that’s only if your cable provider is listed in the app. Even with this apparent limitation, MTV claims 100,000 — 500,000 installs and scores 3.9 stars.

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