Top 20 Social Media Sites One Should Consider For Their Brands

1. Facebook– with approximately 2.23 billion Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that businesses can consider. Facebook is very practical for businesses as it is versatile and allows posting of videos, pictures, audios, live videos and narratives. Facebooks also allows interactive conversation which can allow brands to find out what their consumers think.  

2. YouTube– YouTube is a platform for sharing videos with at least 1.9 billion users. Brands can create a YouTube channel where consumers can watch their videos frequently. Consumers can comment, like and share videos allowing for interaction. Many businesses also use YouTube to advertise their products.  

3. WhatsApp-with approximately 1.5 billion users in the world, WhatsApp is a messaging app. It allows brands to interact with their consumers, share updates on their brands and provide customer support.  

4. Twitter-twitter allows brands to communicate instantly on their business. With a unique character limit, it allows brands to communicate instantly and reach a wide range of consumers. By retweeting more consumers might be reached thereby improving the number of people interested in the product. 

5. Instagram– Instagram has an estimated 1 billion users. It is a photo and video sharing app. It allows brands to share live videos which are interactive and informative. The live videos are real time and allow consumer questions to be answered instantly. 

6. Pinterest-Pinterest is a digital bulletin board where businesses pin their content. With more women visitors Pinterest enables users to find new ideas for projects and save them.   

7. linked in – this is a professional social networking site and is idea for connecting of different businesses. It also helps businesses locate and hire suitable candidates. 

8. Tumblr– is a microblogging and social network site that has about 642 million users. It is very ideal for sharing photos, texts, videos, links and audios. It can be useful for businesses to interact and market their products. 

9. Messenger– messenger used to be a feature of Facebook until 2011. Brands are able to advertise, create chat box, send newsletters and more. It also allows businesses to interact with their customers and form profitable relationships. 

10. We Chat– accommodating over 1 billion users, We Chat incorporated messaging, calling, online shopping, money transfers, bookings taxis and making reservations. Businesses can use We Chat to sell their products.  

11. Snap Chat– This is an image messaging platform that enables chats using photos. Brands can maximize this social media platform by sharing stories and pictures of their brand.  

12. Skype- this platform allows people to connect with others through voice calls, video calls and text messages. Businesses can use Skype to do videoconferencing with different members in the world. Its interactive feature allows businesses to explain features of their products to consumers.  

13. Viber– almost similar to most social media platforms, this allows business to buy ads, promote their brands through stickers, engage their consumers, provide customer service and display their product.  

14. Google+- it allows users to share messages, photos, videos and links. Hangouts allows video conferencing and businesses can promote their products through Google+ business pages. 

15. Telegram– similar to WhatsApp it is available in more than 81 languages. It allows users to send encrypted and self-destructive messages. 

16.-Flicker– popular for sharing photos, it allows its users to upload numerous high quality images. Ideal for photo lovers or photographers.  

17.Reddit– Allows you to submit content and vote over it. If the content gets more votes it will go up and when it gets less votes it goes down.  

18.Medium– it is also an online publishing platform. Paying members have certain articles reserved for them. Brands usually republish their blog posts to increase their influence.  

19. Tik Tok– this social media platform has 500 million users. It is a rising music video social network. brands can add videos and edit them to appeal to their consumers. 

20. Stumble Upon– it finds and recommends content to its users. It then helps find videos, texts, images and webpages that are of interest to you.  

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