Top 10 Social Media Trends 2019

1. Storifying social– brands should use stories to capture the interest of the viewers. In most platforms the lifespan of the story is very short thereby allowing brands to experiment and research on user preferences. Stories are captivating and flowery and viewers tend to relate to them. Stories can be incorporated with videos, images and text to capture the interest of consumers. Brands should experiment with different types of stories in order to know their viewer’s preferences. Social media opens doors for brands to share human stories of they own to inspire customers.  

2. Videos– brands and businesses need to acknowledge the importance of using videos as a form of social media marketing. Videos are captivating and colorful thereby capturing the attention of most viewers. Live videos are more popular in 2019 and allows viewers to give feedback. Most brands make use of influencers to post the live videos as they can grab the attention of many followers. Brands can also make use of the video stories which are approximately 15 seconds. The videos must be interesting to watch and include stories that make viewers want more.  

3.Earn and build trust– brands need to work harder in orders to gain, earn and grown the trust of their consumers. With the growth of scandals, manipulation and hacking brands must put people first at the center of their social media marketing. Understanding that your people are more important than the brand will ensure that you gain the trust of your viewers. Brands must work on reconnecting with their consumers and find ways that highlight their humanity. 

4.Segmantation of audiences– brands need to recognize that their consumers are different by age, income, lifestyle and culture. Segmenting audiences will ensure that they post relevant content to the right group of people. Knowing your audience well will allow you to tailor your messages to the needs of those specific audiences. The biggest mistake brands can make is assuming that consumers are all the same. Acknowledging the differences in consumers will help retain customers and attract new ones. 

5. Make use of influencers-In 2019 influencers continue to grow their follower and influence decisions made by consumers. Influencers can sell and market your brand effectively, because consumers trust them. Influencers give a human voice to the product you are selling. Through their personal stories consumers are able to relate to their experiences. Followers also trust the product review posted by influencers as they believe it’s true. 

6. Make use of analytics Dashboards-Keeping track of all your viewers can be a lot of hard work for brand managers. In 2019 brands are investing in a tool that syncs all consumer information. Using this information might help strategically improve themselves in the market. Analytics reports are also customized for different social media platforms. They are also ready for presentation saving brand mangers time.  

7. Social listening– this the act of find any mentions of your brand on social media or on the web. This also means micro searching for any brand mentions on blogs, forums and news sites. This allows brands to find any interested customers and follow up on them. They might also pick up any complains and find ways of fixing them /attending to them. 

8. Personal branding– putting a human face to your brand earns the trust of consumers. People want a brand that is relatable. This helps to build brand loyalty and garners more trust. It also helps brands to build relationships with consumers. Businesses can do this by using the face of the business owner or a member of the leadership team. Allowing the consumers to know an important person in the company might improve their reputation and consumer trust on the brand.  

9. Building brand narrative– having a narrative behind your brand will portray your business in a positive light. Telling stories about how it originated and the consumer experiences, will grab the attention of consumer. Compelling stories are most likely to call audiences to take action and captivate them. Brands must come up with inspiring stories that stand out and appeal to the hearts of consumers.  

10.Quality and creativity– brands are becoming more and more creative by finding ways of captivating the attention of their customers. Coming up with quality content will ensure that they attract customer’s loyalty. Having a lot of meaningless social media posts will not improve on their sales. Brands must be creative, have well thought content that is well positioned. 

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