Technology accessories we recommended

Technological advancements have touched every sphere of life. Almost all economic and social trends and standards have come about as a result of technology. It is not surprising then that numerous technology inspired accessories have emerged. Some of them include:

Pebble Watch – This item links into your phone via Bluetooth enabling the user to be alerted if there is a call including caller ID and receive and read emails and messages.It can also link you to training apps.

Sleeptracker Elite pro – This device ensures that you don’t wake up during a deep sleep cycle. You simply voice command it when going to bed and enter an acceptable wake up time.This enables one to enjoy sufficient rest.

WiFi Hotspot cufflinks – These hi-tech accessories deliver a pop of cutting-edge connectivity to any mobile office. You simply install the included software onto a laptop, connect via USB and create a hotspot for all wireless devices. It stores 2 gigabytes of flash memory.

Casa Bugatti Diva Espresso Maker – This is a must have for busy office executives. Available at a price of $800 from, this allows one to grab a cup of coffee without getting up from the desk.

Nest 2.0 – This is a smart thermostat which can learn your habits and adjust your homes temperature accordingly. You can also monitor the home temperature from your computer or smart phone.

These technology accessories will certainly lead the way in the foreseeable future.

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