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Top 20 Social Media Sites One Should Consider For Their Brands

1. Facebook– with approximately 2.23 billion Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that businesses can consider. Facebook is very practical for businesses as it is versatile and allows posting of videos, pictures, audios, live videos and narratives. Facebooks also allows interactive conversation which can allow brands to find out what their consumers think.   2. YouTube– YouTube is a platform for sharing videos with at least 1.9 billion users. Brands can create a YouTube...


YouTube Now Auto-Generates Music Playlists on Android

Google introduces the YouTube Mix. Aimed at their Android users, the feature is familiar to desktop users automatically generating playlists of your favourite artist’s most popular videos. Easy to access; simply type in the name of the artist, and YouTube will then generate a playlist. YouTube Mix is a step in the right direction for the YouTube service and their move to become dominating players in the music streaming business.

How to Download Any YouTube Video in Seconds 0

How to Download Any YouTube Video in Seconds

We all watch Youtube videos. The service has revolutionised the internet and the watching of videos. Youtube has changed the lives of millions, making others stars and providing a launch pad for their careers, while providing entertainment to the rest. There are a number of free apps and services that lets users download their favourite videos, easily. SaveFrom.net is one such service. It saves files from the internet. Simply copy the URL for the YouTube video...