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Your Twitter timeline May Soon Be Filled By Accounts You Don’t Follow

Known for subtly testing out new features on a small group of users; Twitter is currently testing a new feature that could see your timeline filled with tweets from accounts you don’t even follow. This time, Twitter is testing out its core function; the follow system. Flagged by a user, reports were abound with users seeing tweets in their feed from an account they didn’t follow, because that account was followed by someone they did follow. According to...


Twitter Testing a ‘Mute’ Button to Quiet Your Follows

Characterised by the short bursts of inconsequential information, Twitter was one of the most-visited sites in 2013. With over 500 million registered users, who post about 340 million tweets per day, you can imagine the potential information overload. This overload is all too clear when you skim through your timeline and realise that a friend of yours is harping on about a topic you not particularly interested in. Twitter has come up with a solution, a...


Like It or Not, You’ll Have Twitter’s New Profile by May 28

Like It or Not, You’ll Have Twitter’s New Profile by May 28 Twitter has new profiles. Rolled out last month, Twitter’s new profile update is here. Featuring larger profile and header images, the new profiles also feature new timeline views, and the ability to pin a tweet at the top of your profile; creating a highlighted post on the top of your profile page. Like everything that’s new, people were less than excited with the changes,...