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Google Patents Contact Lenses That Contain Microcameras 0

Google Patents Contact Lenses That Contain Microcameras

Google is again in the news, this time for a prototype that could potentially allow the tech giant to shrink its wearable tech – Google Glass – into the size of a single contact lens. This latest patent filing comes on the back of a recent filing by Google, revealing a prototype contact lens that monitors glucose levels. This patent is set to drastically improve the lives of diabetics, who currently have to puncture their fingers...


YouTube Now Auto-Generates Music Playlists on Android

Google introduces the YouTube Mix. Aimed at their Android users, the feature is familiar to desktop users automatically generating playlists of your favourite artist’s most popular videos. Easy to access; simply type in the name of the artist, and YouTube will then generate a playlist. YouTube Mix is a step in the right direction for the YouTube service and their move to become dominating players in the music streaming business.

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Google Wallet on Android now juggles all your accounts

Google’s Wallet has been revised for its Android users. Released in stages, one of the biggest additions will be the ability to send cash, on the go, to any adult in the US, with an email address. Sending money from your bank account or your wallet account is free, while there are charges associated with sending money from the credit card. Also, Google is working hard to replace the amount of “plastic” you carry. Doing their...

Google’s New Promo Grid View 0

Google’s New Promo Grid View: A Visual Opportunity

Gmail’s new promotions tab has your email looking a lot like Pinterest. Google’s new grid view is good news for marketers. It is a fantastic opportunity for companies to show-off their promotional images in an enticing manner and places themselves apart from their competitors as they compete for customers. With a set-up much like that of Facebook, grid view places emphasises on the main featured image and the sender name and subject line are secondary. You...


Google lures students with Classroom, Chromebooks

Get them while they are young; that’s the adage Google is taking to heart. The tech giant is offering students a free online tool called Classroom, and it’s marketing Chromebooks for education. Classroom is a new tool from Google Apps that works together with Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to help educators work effectively and efficiently. Allowing teachers to create and organise assignments. Students can organise their work and complete it and communicate with the teachers...


Google is now the world’s most valuable brand

Having fought the battle of world dominance for a few yrs now with Apple, Google has finally come out tops and has been named the world’s most valuable brand. According to Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study, Google’s brand value is estimated at $158,843,000, compared to Apple’s $147,880,000. Released on Wednesday, the study contains some big names in the technology field. IBM came in third, followed by Microsoft, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Visa, AT&T, Marlboro. The top ten was...