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Google Glass Gets Fancy New Frames and Shades

Eight new shades and five new frames are now available through the Google Glass website and Net-a-Porter. Google Glass has announced a fashionable new collection of frames and shades for their glasses. Working together with American-great, fashion designer, Diane von Frustenburg, the glasses are called the DVF | Made For Glass collection.  The collection will have a vary of colours, and will include a grey, rainbow-hued and a brown option,. The glasses will sport a DVF logo...


Google Glass Goes On a Trip

Google Glass just became an essential companion. Recently, the app launched the official apps for Foursquare, TripIt and OpenTable. With these latest additions, Google Glass now has an impressive suite of travel apps that any dedicated traveller would want. Wearers can explore your surroundings, make restaurant reservations, get updates on planned trips and even get to translate menus and signs. Google Glass’ new set of apps emphasizes one of the many areas that the glasses can...