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Foursquare Spilts, Swarm Take The Check-In

When Foursquare first announced that it was splitting the app in two, the move surprised many. Even the Co-Founder & CEO, Dennis Crowley admitted to thinking that the move was crazy, at first. Swarm, Foursquare’s latest offering is the company’s passionate move to separate the social and discovery aspect of the original Foursquare and it is but one part of Foursquare’s future plans, and the original app won’t be replaced by Swarm. The “checking in” function...


Foursquare Checks In Two

During The New York Ideas conference in Manhattan recently, Foursquare Co-Founder and CEO Dennis Crowley discussed his organisation’s latest announcement that it would split the Foursquare app, as we know it, into two. Foursquare announced the introduction of a new app called Swarm; which aims to help you stay in touch with friends. The company is simplifying its services, providing apps that can be described in one word or tweet and come with a single-case use....