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Top 20 Social Media Sites One Should Consider For Their Brands

1. Facebook– with approximately 2.23 billion Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that businesses can consider. Facebook is very practical for businesses as it is versatile and allows posting of videos, pictures, audios, live videos and narratives. Facebooks also allows interactive conversation which can allow brands to find out what their consumers think.   2. YouTube– YouTube is a platform for sharing videos with at least 1.9 billion users. Brands can create a YouTube...

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Your Private Facebook Friends List Isn’t Actually That Private

Turns out your there are just some things that you cannot hide on Facebook – your friends list is amongst some of them. Facebook allows users to set who their friend’s list is visible to, and you can do so by setting the list visibility to “Only Me”. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t actually limit your friends’ list visibility to only you; other users can still see some of your friends even if they can’t...

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Facebook’s Slingshot

Facebook has officially launched Slingshot for iOS and Android in the United States. Breaking the internet’s “1% Rule”, Slingshot is Facebook’s attempt to make everyone a creator. The “1% Rule” of Internet culture says only a tiny fraction of users create the content the majority of internet users consume. Slingshot is an app that allows friends to send you photos and videos, the catch however; you have to reply with you own before you can see...