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4 Ways To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Juiced Up

What was life before Smartphones? Convenient little things that give you directions to your nearest watering hole, the time that movie you’ve wanted to see starts and everything else in between, all with a little swipe. And then they die! You realise you forget to charge your little precious. Avoid this nightmare by following our simple rules to maintaining your battery’s health: Most of the modern Smartphones come equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which means forget everything...

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Your Gadget’s Battery Is Swelling Up. Should You Panic?

The reality of a swollen MacBook battery doesn’t merit quite a panic attack. And is not as uncommon as one would think. Truth is, lithium ion batteries have a limited lifespan. Once manufactured, and in use, they start ageing. According to Apple, laptop batteries are good for five years for 1,000 recharge cycles. Even not using a battery the wrong way can hasten its demise.  If a MacBook battery bursts or leaks while in the service shop,...