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Amazon’s Rumored 3D Smartphone May Radically Change E-Commerce

Set to redefine e-commerce, Amazon’s rumoured 3D Smartphone may at first, seems gimmicky. A picture, recently leaked on the internet shows a smartphone that looks like any of the devices currently on the market. Possessing five cameras, the device has the typical front-facing camera for selfies and video messaging, plus four other cameras. The four additional cameras supposedly give the phone 3D capabilities that don’t require special glasses and are beyond anything yet seen on a Smartphone....

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Buy Items With Flow, Simply Point Your Device at Them

Amazon is at it again, pulling the carpet under retailers’ feet. Introducing Flow; a new addition to its iPhone shopping app. Buy items by simply pointing your iPhone at them. Using your iPhone’s camera to collect product information, the app collects information like product colour, general appearance and label text, matching the data against its massive product database. If you have an i.OS device, fire it up and start using the app. The update is probably...