Smart Pills That Track Your Health From the Inside

The advancement of technology is very evident, and the natural step in this advancement, is here; wearable technology. Including smart contact lenses, implantable sensors, and even ingestible pills that track your health from inside your body are not far off; digital health is the next step.

Created by Proteus Digital Health, the digital health feedback system utilises a tiny ingestible sensor that patients need to ingest with their medication. The sensor is made of ingredients that are already found in foods. Once ingested, the sensor communicates with a wearable technology on the patient in the form of a patch that the patient wears externally. The patch then sends information to your synced smart device. The ingestible sensor is powered by your body and your stomach fluids complete the power source and your body in turns transmits a unique number generated by the sensor.

Tracking everything, from heart rate, to body temperature, this ingestible has no antenna or battery. The body-worn patch relays and captures all your body’s physiologic responses.

The ingestible system received European regulatory approval in 2010, while the sensor technology received FDA market clearance in 2012, as a medical device for co-ingested applications.

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