Six Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in iMessage

An instant messaging service, iMessage is a way for you to send text messages over both the standard cellular SMS network, and the data network. Functional on WiFi and data, it is a good alternative to standard charged text messaging. Let’s have a look at some of the messaging service’s features.

When communicating via iMessage remember that iMessages are blue, and regular SMS messages are green.

You may be sending “read receipts” to anyone you’re communicating with over iOS. If this is the case, they will see when you’ve opened a text and read it. Cool, if you making plans to meet up but can be a tad bit annoying if you’re attempting to coolly ignore someone. We all do it. You can turn this feature off via your Settings Message. From there you’ll need to turn off Send Read Receipts.

You can adjust your push notifications to bring previews of texts straight to your screen. Or not – whatever your personal preference is. Go to Settings → Notification Centre.  From there, you’ll need to go to the Include section and select Messages.

You can sync iMessage with your Mac, too. This is helpful if you plan to text at work. To set it up, go to Finder → Applications → Messages. If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID. Use the same one you’re logging in with on your iPhone.

iMessage on your Apple device(s) has a lot of hidden features. Here are a few of the best:

You can forward messages to anyone by tapping twice on a speech bubble you want to pass on.

You can delete messages; tap the trash icon in the lower-left corner

You can look up the definition of a word before you use it in a text. Simply double-tap the word and a bubble should come up asking you to select a part or all of the text. Highlight the word in question and from there you’ll be given the basic cut/copy/paste options. Tap the arrow on the right, it’ll show you the option to either “Replace” or “Define” the highlighted text.

You can share entire contact cards from your address book. Tap Contact in the upper-right corner of the screen.
You can block contacts; scroll down to the very bottom and select “Block this Caller”.

You can see the time stamps of every individual message bubble by swiping left within a conversation.

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