Sick of Double-Clicking Icons? Here’s How to Turn on Single-Click in Windows

A Windows File Explorer window has the Back button; it has an address bar, and if you enjoy the PC-as-browser effect, very much like Internet Explorer, the Web Browser. If you want your file explorer window to function like I.E. then you can set up your PC so that all you need is just one click, to open an icon.

Set this up for yourself in these easy steps:

In any File Explorer window, click on Options on the view tab. This opens up the Folder Options control panel; once here, you can turn-on Single Click to open an item (point to select). Then you can indicate whether or not you want your icons’ names turned into underlined links by selecting Underline icon titles consistent with my browser (that is, all icons’ names appear as links) or Underline icon titles only when I point at them. Click OK. Viola!

Now, with a single click, you can open an icon.

How do you select an icon, or select more than one icon? Simply linger your cursor without clicking. To make multiple selections, utilise your Ctrl key as you pick your multiple icons.

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