Readers’ Advice: How to Dry a Wet Smartphone

You spilled some sort of liquid on your device? There may be hope for you, and your device. We share a few ideas to save your phone from dying a slow and painful death:

Turn it off! As soon as you fish out your gadget, it may be your first instinct to check if it is actually working. Don’t! The few seconds after the accident could make a difference in whether it survives or not!

Dissemble your device. Remove the covers; take out the SD Card; remove your sim card and dry everything on its own. The more areas of the phone that can be exposed, the better.

Suck out all the liquids. Every time you suck in some liquid, spit it into the bowl to avoid swallowing any sort of weird mechanical chemicals. If we’re talking about an iPhone, you’re going to want to focus on the earphone port, the earpiece, the microphone port, and the charger area.

Put your device, along with all its pieces in a bowl of rice. Rice Krispies also work well.  Put down the hair-dryer and let your sit there for about 48 hours, rotating it every once in a while.

Remove your gadget from its drying bowl and inspect its body. If it still looks wet, put it back in the bowl and wait another day. If it’s totally dry, turn it on and see how it works. Even if only parts of it are functional, you may be able to have it repaired for less than what a new phone would cost you. 

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