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Qwik Switch – Automate Your Home With Your Smartphone

The world has for some years now been caught in a smartphone fever that continues to grow stronger by each year that passes. A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. A Cape Town based company has developed a wireless IoT system that brings control and monitoring systems to your home via your mobile...

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Whatsim — Free WhatsApp Chat Anywhere In The World

WhatsApp is a cross platform mobile messaging app that has swept the world off its feet. Research shows that more than half of South Africa’s urban adult mobile phone users are using this instant messaging service. Globally, this platform has 700 million monthly active users. In order to make this even a better experience for those who travel, a shrewd entrepreneur engineer launched Whatsim.

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Digicall – About Digital Solutions

The internet is an effective machine which is driven by innovative digital solutions.These digital solutions provide a solid base on which economic and social ideas can be driven. One business organisation in South Africa that has come to the party in this regard is Digicall Group.

Hanx Writer

Hanks Hanx Writer Typewriter App Dominates

Tom Hanks is known for box office hits; a select group of individuals know about his love of the keys of a typewriter. Recently Tom Hanks launched his typewrite app for iPad – Hanx Writer – and since the launch, the app has dominated. It currently ranks number 1 in free apps and already boasts a 4.5 star rating, based on over 1000 reviews. An avid typewriter collector, Hanks has been collecting typewriters since the 70s...


MTN Gives Us HD Voice

Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband, or AMR-WB is a new technology that is set to dramatically change voice-calls in SA. MTN customers with a smart device may have noticed a marked improvement in phone call quality in the recent weeks. More commonly known as HD Voice, this technology is a patented speech audio coding standard  developed to improve the speech quality of calls made and to reduce background noise to deliver clearer audio. Even when a caller is...


Your Twitter timeline May Soon Be Filled By Accounts You Don’t Follow

Known for subtly testing out new features on a small group of users; Twitter is currently testing a new feature that could see your timeline filled with tweets from accounts you don’t even follow. This time, Twitter is testing out its core function; the follow system. Flagged by a user, reports were abound with users seeing tweets in their feed from an account they didn’t follow, because that account was followed by someone they did follow. According to...

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Review: 2nd-gen Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Introducing the second generation Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. Effectively owning the e-reader space, Amazon’s new Paperwhite features upgraded display technology, with higher contrast, faster processor, and new reading features such as “page flip”, “smart lookup” and “vocabulary builder”. The Paperwhite 2 is 169mm x 117mm x 9,1mm in dimension and weighs a mere 206g. The 6-inch display uses e-paper technology with a built-in light, has 16-level gray-scale and 221ppi pixel density. It has a 1GHz processor,...

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The Five Biggest Threats to Your Kids’ Internet Privacy

For the longest time we’ve been threatened with: “stop it, or it will go on your permanent record”. First, it was your teacher in school when you were being disorderly; in your adult-life, it is the laws of society that keep you from doing bad for fear of being incarcerated. In 2014, it is very difficult to not leave a digital trail, whether you are a child or a fully grown adult. From the moment you...

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Finally: A browser add-on that lets you copy and paste text out of images and memes

Ever ended up on those horrible sites where the text is saved as a JPEG, making selecting and copying text impossible? In comes the Project Naptha browser extension. Created by developer Kevin “Antimatter15” Kwok, Project Naptha is a complete text and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) suite, packed into a JavaScript browser extension. With the suite you can now use your mouse to select and convert (an image stored as an outline) into pixels that can be...