Order takeaways on your Smartphone, with APPetite

APPetite has created an app that allows you to order food from over 50 restaurants and fast food joints in the Fordsburg, Fourways, Midrand and Centurion areas and the surrounds.

Available on iOS and Android, the app allows users to browse and order items from their favourite restaurants by simply tapping on their screen. Users are able to select the food item of their choice, add comments – extra cheese; no onions, etc – and then submit their order. The app then sends the information to the desired restaurant, while informing you the expected time of readiness or deliver, if the restaurant delivers.

The user will also receive an order number, so they can check on their order. The app is free and allows for a secure, authenticated payment option. No additional charges are incurred for usage of the app or the payment option.

Upon registering, the user is asked to enter a few basic details; including user’s name, home or work address. Once completed, the user can browse restaurants near their location; check the menu; order desired items; add a comment should you wish to modify your order in any way, for extra toppings, sauces or other extras if you wish; and submit the order. The app will handle the rest.

APPetite was founded in 2013.

If you favourite restaurant is not listed, APPetite receives a notification and the team will try to include the restaurant.

Download APPetite for iOS or Android

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