New Social Media Platforms To Look Out For This Year

1. House party-This live group video chat allows users to chat with contacts in their phones via group video chats. It also allows users to chat with a maximum of 8 users. Brands can join in the ongoing conversations as it does not require them to request to join. Brands could make use of influencers to get them involved and enlighten them of what consumers are already conversing about. 

2. Amazon Spark-this feed of stories and images from users allows exchange of information and advertising of products ready for purchase. Once a product is made available users can comment or react with a smiling face to show that they are interested. Members with prime membership are allowed to contribute to Amazon Sparks. 

3.Lasso– it was developed by Facebook targeting young people. It concentrates on trending issues and highlights them for users, users can edit these videos with special effects.  

4.Face cast– it brings together users who like live video chats and short videos. It also connects people who have similar interest or mutual friends. 

5.Google My Business– it connects businesses with their consumers. It also allows businesses to respond toe reviews and message customers. It also helps businesses to see the people who view their business and show interest in their products.  

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