Hanks Hanx Writer Typewriter App Dominates

Tom Hanks is known for box office hits; a select group of individuals know about his love of the keys of a typewriter. Recently Tom Hanks launched his typewrite app for iPad – Hanx Writer – and since the launch, the app has dominated. It currently ranks number 1 in free apps and already boasts a 4.5 star rating, based on over 1000 reviews.

An avid typewriter collector, Hanks has been collecting typewriters since the 70s when a shopper owner refused to replace his mostly plastic one. He got a Hermes 2000 as a result, and has never looked back.

The Hanx Writer is a digital typewriter; it replicates all the noises fans of typewriters have come to love; a single font, colour and typewriter in the default version. In-app purchases are also available, featuring more fonts and typewriter features.

Not for a term paper or legal brief, the Hanx Writer is for everything else that you want to have stick around for a while. Already number 1, it seems there are a lot of love letters and journal entries that demand to be written on a typewriter simulator.

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