Google’s New Promo Grid View: A Visual Opportunity

Gmail’s new promotions tab has your email looking a lot like Pinterest. Google’s new grid view is good news for marketers. It is a fantastic opportunity for companies to show-off their promotional images in an enticing manner and places themselves apart from their competitors as they compete for customers.

With a set-up much like that of Facebook, grid view places emphasises on the main featured image and the sender name and subject line are secondary. You can now also easily delete mail by a single click of the thrash can icon.

Your featured image is automatically chosen by Google which means your image doesn’t always appear properly, if it appears it all. You can customise the featured image, using Google’s schemas; you can select a featured image for your email. The minimum size for the featured images is 580 px x 400 px and larger images will be resized to fit. 

The sender name and subject line images come from your email, directly. According to Google, you should keep the sender name under 20 characters and the subject line under 75 to avoid truncation.

Now is the time to get on Google Plus if you aren’t already. Why? The sender image is pulled directly from your organisation’s established Google Plus profile. If your organisation doesn’t have an established account and have not enabled Google Plus related pages for the widget, then the sender image will show the first letter of the sender image.

Currently, the grid-view is only available to Gmail users who have signed up and been selected to trial the new feature, and it is still in its infant stages. But, if you keen on getting ahead, it’s a good idea to get started on optimizing your emails for grid and getting started on building your Google Plus page.

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