Google Glass Goes On a Trip

Google Glass just became an essential companion. Recently, the app launched the official apps for Foursquare, TripIt and OpenTable. With these latest additions, Google Glass now has an impressive suite of travel apps that any dedicated traveller would want.

Wearers can explore your surroundings, make restaurant reservations, get updates on planned trips and even get to translate menus and signs. Google Glass’ new set of apps emphasizes one of the many areas that the glasses can be useful. Having access to information about the area you in quickly is important when in a foreign country – Google Glass offers this quick access, all hands-free.

Unlike the Smartphone version, the Google Glass Foursquare app is a stripped-down experience, currently missing the option to add pictures to your check-in, but none the less has all the essentials. You can see venues close by and check into those via voice command.

Working via Google Now, TripIt plugs in trip updates and information, which appear on your Glass. Flight details all appear on a card that is easily accessible with a tap and swipe of the Glass’ touchpad. Wearers now have a choice between using Google Glass or TripIt when seeking travel information. Google Now only provides information that is already on your Google calendar.

Commanding OpenTable: “Okay Glass, make a reservation…” Upon this instruction, the wearer will receive a list of all restaurants nearby. Simply tap the touchpad to make a reservation and your preferences are saved each time.

There is still no word on the availability of the Google Glasses in South Africa.

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