Foursquare Checks In Two

During The New York Ideas conference in Manhattan recently, Foursquare Co-Founder and CEO Dennis Crowley discussed his organisation’s latest announcement that it would split the Foursquare app, as we know it, into two.

Foursquare announced the introduction of a new app called Swarm; which aims to help you stay in touch with friends. The company is simplifying its services, providing apps that can be described in one word or tweet and come with a single-case use. The new apps will be easier to use and much faster. The company is placing more emphasis on the personalisation of the app, by taking a wide range of opinions into account, including the user’s tastes and preferences, and opinions from experts and friends so as to stay away from providing generic search results.

According to Crowley, Foursquare is adding little touches to aid in personalising the app to your tastes, offering personalised searches that cater to everybody’s different tastes, moving away from providing users with generic search results that do not account for personal tastes.

More on Swarm:

–          The app will be available on i.OS and Android devices. Versions for Window Phones will be available at a later stage

–          The new Foursquare will be more customisable, to improve your experience, taking into account the users tastes and preferences.

Swarm is a quick way to tell your friends “where you are” and “what you are up to later”. These were questions that couldn’t be answered via Foursquare before. The “check-in” feature, which had made Foursquare famous, will move to Swarm and the app will also feature a “heat map” function for all your friend’s activities. Users can also share their locations, in non-specific ways, such as merely sharing the neighbourhood you are in.

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