Find my iPhone, the phone tracking app

Find my iPhone is the definition of what Apple is all about. Established in 1976, Apple is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. This global tech giant has developed a reputation over the years for being forward thinking, colourful and giving users of its products power. The find my iPhone app is an embodiment of the mentioned Apple brand attributes.

Cellphones by design are mobile tools and this mobility makes them susceptible to being stolen or even being misplaced. This app has been designed as a security feature meant to secure the iPhone. This can be done by going to settings, tap iCloud and enable find my iPhone. If the phone is misplaced or stolen, a client simply signs into from any computer web browser or use this app on another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and the approximate location on a map is displayed.

This app also enables one to display messages or play sounds. If for instance it’s located at the office, the user can just display a message on the home screen which will appear even if locked to indicate that you have left the phone and provide a number to contact you on. If the phone is misplaced in a home setting and its whereabouts is unknown, the app overrides any volume settings to play a loud sound which assists to find the direction of the phone location.

For situations where the iPhone is left in a public place, the contents can be protected by setting a pass code remotely. Contents can also be remotely wiped off and later restored using an iCloud back up.

The find my iPhone app is innovative in every possible way.

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