Facebook’s Slingshot

Facebook has officially launched Slingshot for iOS and Android in the United States. Breaking the internet’s “1% Rule”, Slingshot is Facebook’s attempt to make everyone a creator. The “1% Rule” of Internet culture says only a tiny fraction of users create the content the majority of internet users consume.

Slingshot is an app that allows friends to send you photos and videos, the catch however; you have to reply with you own before you can see them. It lets you quickly share moments—little and big—with lots of people at once.

Slingshot lets you send photos and 15 second videos to one friend, many, or all of the contacts you’ve recently slinged with. “Sling” is a term used when communicating on the platform. Content is temporary and disappears after it’s viewed, though you have the option of auto-saving what you create.

You can find friends through Facebook or your phone’s contacts, though the app uses a somewhat weak privacy-by-obscurity model where anyone with your username can sling to you. It’s got a light-hearted design where you can draw or send split-screen reaction shots to a backdrop of playful music and silly sound effects.

With so many mobile apps on the market at the moment, Slingshot’s ability to self-perpetuate engagement could be the key to traction. The mandate to entertain doesn’t rest with only the sender, you cannot consume without creating, thus breaking the chain. With Slingshot, the conversation never dies because the last message is always waiting to be unlocked.

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