Edit Your Twitter Experience: Mute Your Chatty Peers

Characterised by the short bursts of inconsequential information, Twitter was one of the most-visited sites in 2013. With over 500 million registered users, who post about 340 million tweets per day, you can imagine the potential information overload. This overload is all too clear when you skim through your timeline and realise that a friend of yours is harping on about a topic you not particularly interested in.

Twitter has come up with a solution, a feature that allows users to mute people. Simply called “mute”, the new feature is available to people who use the iPhone and Android apps and includes users using the twitter.com platform. Giving you more control over the content you see on your timeline, mute lets you remove a user and their content from key parts of your Twitter experience, effectively allowing you to edit your overall Twitter experience, without having to unfollow anybody.

Recently, Twitter reverted changes it had made to its “blocking” functionality, after an outpouring of negative feedback from users, bloggers and others in the online sphere, mainly because the functionality not only notified the user that they were blocked, but the blocked user could potentially continue tracking your activity on the platform.

Muting a user means that their tweets and retweets will no longer be visible in your timeline, but the blocked user can still interact with your tweets; “faving” them and retweeting, and even replying to them, but you won’t see any of that activity on your timeline. The blocked user will not know that they are blocked, and you can unmute them at any time.
Mute users in these easy steps: to mute a user from the Android, Twitter for web, or iOS devices tap “more” and then mute @username. From the profile page is it also just as easy, tap the “gear” icon found on the page and choose the username you want to mute.

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