The Digital Writing Revolution

Reaching for a pen and note pad is used to be the most natural thing to do when taking notes. With the recent technological advancements, innovative new devices are coming up to service even the most basic act of taking meeting notes. Tables and stylii are fast replacing the pen and paper.

New age pens are fundamentally changing the way we write. Take the Livescribe 3, a pen that syncs notes and audio to an app on your device. If you are always on the go, the Livescribe is the perfect companion; easily transfer action lists, transfer phone numbers into your phone or tablet. Coupled with a few essential features, the Livescribe smartpen brings you Sky Wi-Fi pen that uploads notes and recordings directly to Evernote. Once the notes are available on Evernote, they are available on any of your devices. Users of Livescribe can also send notes via Evernote, Facebook or email through the smartpen’s Echo – a feature that ensures that your notes and recordings are kept in Livescribe’s desktop software. Livescribe makes connecting pen to paper very easy and offers a wide range of products that cater to a number of scenarios, in this way, you don’t have to choose between your beloved pen and paper and your tablet.

Remember your beloved stick notes? Well, now you have the digital version. Stickies solves the problem with having to keep track of all your little pieces of paper. You can include various types of multimedia in your Stickies, including text and photos and you can stick them anywhere on your computer, either the screen or within a program. Stickies helps people keep track of what matters.

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