Cellucity — Mobile Communication At Its Best

South Africa’s mobile telecommunications and mobile sector has come a long way over the years.The retail environment for mobile phones in South Africa continues to see transformation, as cheaper versions of smartphones enter the market and more mobile phone operators fight for market share across the country. One name that can never be ignored in this sector is Cellucity.

Cellucity is a South African company that is passionate about the communication industry and customer service. Holding the record of being the first mobile company in South Africa, this fast growing business entity now boasts of having a chain of 28 stores nationwide. Cellucity affords clients the opportunity to snap up mouth watering deals, do upgrades, get accessories and even pre-order.There is also the unique Cellucity service where backup and transfer of contacts is done as well as photos and media between phones.

This business entity can be trusted for quality products and outstanding customer service.The staff are also passionate about the technology they are selling and have a genuine interest in the products. Most of the shops are also open from 9am to 9am which means it’s very easy to do business.

Cellucity can be contacted on 0214011300 and trained staff will be on hand to assist.

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