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Google is now the world’s most valuable brand

Having fought the battle of world dominance for a few yrs now with Apple, Google has finally come out tops and has been named the world’s most valuable brand. According to Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study, Google’s brand value is estimated at $158,843,000, compared to Apple’s $147,880,000. Released on Wednesday, the study contains some big names in the technology field. IBM came in third, followed by Microsoft, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Visa, AT&T, Marlboro. The top ten was...


Tired Of Potholes? Download the App

Residents of Johannesburg now have it easier than before. Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) recently launched a Smartphone app that allows residents of the city to report potholes and faulty traffic lights. Known as Find & Fix, the app is part of JRA’s turnaround strategy, which has seen the organisation turn its eye to the delivery of service. Part of the strategy includes the organisation’s commitment to becoming more accessible to its citizens and road users and...


Google Glass Goes On a Trip

Google Glass just became an essential companion. Recently, the app launched the official apps for Foursquare, TripIt and OpenTable. With these latest additions, Google Glass now has an impressive suite of travel apps that any dedicated traveller would want. Wearers can explore your surroundings, make restaurant reservations, get updates on planned trips and even get to translate menus and signs. Google Glass’ new set of apps emphasizes one of the many areas that the glasses can...