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Tweet Writing

Yes, it is a thing. These days, people judge you by your character – all 140 of them. Write your tweets properly. The concision of the messages takes nothing away from their impact, so it may be a good idea to spend some time on perfecting your tweet writing. Clear; concise and brief – these are just some of the important characteristics found in a carefully constructed tweet. Clear and brief, seems pretty straightforward; Twitter only...

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Facebook’s Slingshot

Facebook has officially launched Slingshot for iOS and Android in the United States. Breaking the internet’s “1% Rule”, Slingshot is Facebook’s attempt to make everyone a creator. The “1% Rule” of Internet culture says only a tiny fraction of users create the content the majority of internet users consume. Slingshot is an app that allows friends to send you photos and videos, the catch however; you have to reply with you own before you can see...


Interesting Facts About Web And Technology

Emails and Spam Facts: 60 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of which are spam. Spam generates 33bn KWt-hours of energy every year, enough to power 2.4 million homes, producing 17 million tons of CO2. 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected with spam. Spammers get 1 response to every 12 million emails they send (yet it still makes them a small profit).   Social Media: A “twillionaire” is a Twitter user with a million...


YouTube Now Auto-Generates Music Playlists on Android

Google introduces the YouTube Mix. Aimed at their Android users, the feature is familiar to desktop users automatically generating playlists of your favourite artist’s most popular videos. Easy to access; simply type in the name of the artist, and YouTube will then generate a playlist. YouTube Mix is a step in the right direction for the YouTube service and their move to become dominating players in the music streaming business.


WPP snaps up Quirk

WPP, an international advertising holding company has just acquired South African marketing agency, Quirk. The value of WPP’s acquisition of Quirk has not been disclosed. Reports puts WPP’s digital revenues in 2013 at more than US$6bn. On the decision to acquire Quirk, WPP says the decision is in line with their development strategy of improving services in fast-growing and important markets and sectors and strengthening their capabilities in digital media. Quirk, a digital marketing agency, was...

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Readers’ Advice: How to Dry a Wet Smartphone

You spilled some sort of liquid on your device? There may be hope for you, and your device. We share a few ideas to save your phone from dying a slow and painful death: Turn it off! As soon as you fish out your gadget, it may be your first instinct to check if it is actually working. Don’t! The few seconds after the accident could make a difference in whether it survives or not! Dissemble...

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Instagram’s Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You

Instagram has tweaked their algorithm. Now the app’s explore tab is better tailored to you, displaying photos and videos specifically suggested for each user, making the photo and video discovery a more personal experience. Still only displaying images from public accounts, direct messages and images from private accounts won’t show in the section. The tweak will also look at photos and videos that have been liked by people you follow. The algorithm will show you a...

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Google Wallet on Android now juggles all your accounts

Google’s Wallet has been revised for its Android users. Released in stages, one of the biggest additions will be the ability to send cash, on the go, to any adult in the US, with an email address. Sending money from your bank account or your wallet account is free, while there are charges associated with sending money from the credit card. Also, Google is working hard to replace the amount of “plastic” you carry. Doing their...

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Google’s New Promo Grid View: A Visual Opportunity

Gmail’s new promotions tab has your email looking a lot like Pinterest. Google’s new grid view is good news for marketers. It is a fantastic opportunity for companies to show-off their promotional images in an enticing manner and places themselves apart from their competitors as they compete for customers. With a set-up much like that of Facebook, grid view places emphasises on the main featured image and the sender name and subject line are secondary. You...

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Microsofts 12 inch surface pro 3

Microsofts 12 inch surface pro 3 – The historical pages of the evolution of technology will never be complete without the mention of the Microsoft brand. Established in 1975, this world renowned brand has stamped its authority in developing, manufacturing, licensing and selling computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. The launch of the surface pro 3 is a product of Microsoft’s developing and manufacturing capability. The technology age has given the public facility...