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Use Your Voice, To Control Windows 8

Say whatever you would click with the mouse, that’s the beauty of controlling Windows by voice. Make sure you have a PC with a microphone – the Windows Speech Recognition program can handle just about any kind of mike, even the one built into your laptop’s case. Start up your Speech Recognition program. If you are using this feature for the first time, all you need to do is open the Start screen; type speech and in the...


Tweet Writing

Yes, it is a thing. These days, people judge you by your character – all 140 of them. Write your tweets properly. The concision of the messages takes nothing away from their impact, so it may be a good idea to spend some time on perfecting your tweet writing. Clear; concise and brief – these are just some of the important characteristics found in a carefully constructed tweet. Clear and brief, seems pretty straightforward; Twitter only...

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Facebook’s Slingshot

Facebook has officially launched Slingshot for iOS and Android in the United States. Breaking the internet’s “1% Rule”, Slingshot is Facebook’s attempt to make everyone a creator. The “1% Rule” of Internet culture says only a tiny fraction of users create the content the majority of internet users consume. Slingshot is an app that allows friends to send you photos and videos, the catch however; you have to reply with you own before you can see...

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Buy Items With Flow, Simply Point Your Device at Them

Amazon is at it again, pulling the carpet under retailers’ feet. Introducing Flow; a new addition to its iPhone shopping app. Buy items by simply pointing your iPhone at them. Using your iPhone’s camera to collect product information, the app collects information like product colour, general appearance and label text, matching the data against its massive product database. If you have an i.OS device, fire it up and start using the app. The update is probably...


YouTube Now Auto-Generates Music Playlists on Android

Google introduces the YouTube Mix. Aimed at their Android users, the feature is familiar to desktop users automatically generating playlists of your favourite artist’s most popular videos. Easy to access; simply type in the name of the artist, and YouTube will then generate a playlist. YouTube Mix is a step in the right direction for the YouTube service and their move to become dominating players in the music streaming business.


Top 5 New or Improved Android Apps

In the categories of password management, Web browser compression, lock screen functionality and media, we look at the top 5 free android apps that are new or have been extensively updated. These apps are available in Google’s Play Store. At the top of the list is Enpass. Rating 4.3 stars, it claims between 10 000 and 50 000 install. Enpass syncs and stores your passwords and PINs using AES – 256 encryption. The latest revision was introduces earlier...

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Pixifly Is a Beautiful, Easy Way to Search Instagram by Location

Forget the hashtag, Pixifly is the new of navigating content on Instagram and giving you perspective on what’s going on out there. Letting you search public Instagram photos using time and place and a handy map interface, Pixifly lets you see the bigger picture. Using Google Places API, the app will pull up all the public photos taken within a certain distance of a certain spot. All you need to do is tap on Current Location...


Smart Pills That Track Your Health From the Inside

The advancement of technology is very evident, and the natural step in this advancement, is here; wearable technology. Including smart contact lenses, implantable sensors, and even ingestible pills that track your health from inside your body are not far off; digital health is the next step. Created by Proteus Digital Health, the digital health feedback system utilises a tiny ingestible sensor that patients need to ingest with their medication. The sensor is made of ingredients that...

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Instagram’s Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You

Instagram has tweaked their algorithm. Now the app’s explore tab is better tailored to you, displaying photos and videos specifically suggested for each user, making the photo and video discovery a more personal experience. Still only displaying images from public accounts, direct messages and images from private accounts won’t show in the section. The tweak will also look at photos and videos that have been liked by people you follow. The algorithm will show you a...

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How to Track & Secure Your Lost or Stolen Phone

Losing your Smartphone is probably the closest you’ll ever get to dying! According to research, in the US, the number of Smartphones doubled during 2013. There is hope. Recently under voluntary commitment cellular companies like Apple and Samsung pledged to include free “Kill Switch” tools on all their Smartphones sold in the US after July 2015. What is the kill switch? The tool will allow users to shut down their phones from whatever location after they’ve...