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The Rise And Fall Of The New Social Media App Musically

Musically was a social media application that allowed users to record videos of 15 seconds-1-minute lip-syncing music videos. The application allowed the users to choose any sound track to accompany the video and had different time lapses (fast, slow and normal). The app was also interactive as it allowed users to browse and search for content that they enjoyed. musically was founded in 2014 April. In June 2016 the app had over 90 million registered users....

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Qwik Switch – Automate Your Home With Your Smartphone

The world has for some years now been caught in a smartphone fever that continues to grow stronger by each year that passes. A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. A Cape Town based company has developed a wireless IoT system that brings control and monitoring systems to your home via your mobile...

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Whatsim — Free WhatsApp Chat Anywhere In The World

WhatsApp is a cross platform mobile messaging app that has swept the world off its feet. Research shows that more than half of South Africa’s urban adult mobile phone users are using this instant messaging service. Globally, this platform has 700 million monthly active users. In order to make this even a better experience for those who travel, a shrewd entrepreneur engineer launched Whatsim.

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Hanks Hanx Writer Typewriter App Dominates

Tom Hanks is known for box office hits; a select group of individuals know about his love of the keys of a typewriter. Recently Tom Hanks launched his typewrite app for iPad – Hanx Writer – and since the launch, the app has dominated. It currently ranks number 1 in free apps and already boasts a 4.5 star rating, based on over 1000 reviews. An avid typewriter collector, Hanks has been collecting typewriters since the 70s...


Your Twitter timeline May Soon Be Filled By Accounts You Don’t Follow

Known for subtly testing out new features on a small group of users; Twitter is currently testing a new feature that could see your timeline filled with tweets from accounts you don’t even follow. This time, Twitter is testing out its core function; the follow system. Flagged by a user, reports were abound with users seeing tweets in their feed from an account they didn’t follow, because that account was followed by someone they did follow. According to...


Amazon’s Rumored 3D Smartphone May Radically Change E-Commerce

Set to redefine e-commerce, Amazon’s rumoured 3D Smartphone may at first, seems gimmicky. A picture, recently leaked on the internet shows a smartphone that looks like any of the devices currently on the market. Possessing five cameras, the device has the typical front-facing camera for selfies and video messaging, plus four other cameras. The four additional cameras supposedly give the phone 3D capabilities that don’t require special glasses and are beyond anything yet seen on a Smartphone....


6 Can’t-Miss Apps: Sunrise Calendar for Android and More

We take a look at the 6 best apps for your Android and iOS devices. From apps that help you keep track of all your bookmarks, to Sunrise – a great iPhone calendar that is coming to Android. Slidely Capture allows users to remix their videos and photos into fun, shareable content and collages. Users start by selecting a video clip from their camera roll, and choosing the best still shots from the clips. After making...

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Your Private Facebook Friends List Isn’t Actually That Private

Turns out your there are just some things that you cannot hide on Facebook – your friends list is amongst some of them. Facebook allows users to set who their friend’s list is visible to, and you can do so by setting the list visibility to “Only Me”. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t actually limit your friends’ list visibility to only you; other users can still see some of your friends even if they can’t...

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Google Glass Gets Fancy New Frames and Shades

Eight new shades and five new frames are now available through the Google Glass website and Net-a-Porter. Google Glass has announced a fashionable new collection of frames and shades for their glasses. Working together with American-great, fashion designer, Diane von Frustenburg, the glasses are called the DVF | Made For Glass collection.  The collection will have a vary of colours, and will include a grey, rainbow-hued and a brown option,. The glasses will sport a DVF logo...