Catch app the event dating solution

Catch app – Events have over the years become great social and business platforms. For those who have very active social lives, events provide the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with people of like-minded interests and share knowledge of common interest. For others in the business world, events are the best networking opportunities where new products are introduced and innovative entrepreneurship ideas introduced.There are so many stories of success where the first meeting point was at an event.

Out of the city of Cape Town has emerged Catch. Catch is an innovative app where real people meet in real life. This app shows users who is attending the same events as them, making it easier for people to connect before, during and after an event. The attendee list  for events is opened up, by signing in via Facebook and browsing through attendees list, users can select whom they would like to meet and if the social or business interest is mutual, they can be connected.

Catch is creating the link from online to real events and the real world through mobile. By using this facility, those attending events will go with a certain level of mental preparedness. This app is currently available for Android and will be launching on iOS in due course.

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