Awesome Finger Reader Gadget Lets the Blind Read Printed Text

Finger Reader is a wearable device developed by MIT researchers that could potentially open up the world of books for the visually impaired. The device aims to help the blind access a wide range of resources. More than what is currently available in the Braille format.

The Finger Reader – currently in its prototype phase – is a ring that the user can use to follow a line of text in a book or on a screen. With a built-in camera, the Finger Reader can detect 12-point text, which is read aloud by the device. The device can also detect when the reader’s finger has moved away from the line of text and informs the user to adjust their finger.

The device could potentially be used for other purposes, including translating text from other languages, or simply reading text aloud. It is also not clear when, if ever, the Finger Reader may be available commercially.

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