Avanade — Helping Banks Go Digital

The banking industry is constantly under pressure when it comes to being innovative.This is because one innovative development has the ability to attract thousands of customers.To the contrary, lagging behind can also result in loss of customers. One way in which banks have managed to build and be innovative is through technology and various digital tools available.One firm involved in enabling the smarter digital bank is Avanade.

Avanade has dedicated itself to ensuring that your banking customers realise results in a digital world through business technology solutions, cloud and managed services.The Avanade solutions come from a combination of insight,innovation and deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies that no other company can match. Services and Solutions provided by this business house include Application Development, Collaboration, CRM, Data and Analytics, ERP, Infrastructure Services and Managed Services.

Avanade Application Development solution focus on building enterprise applications which reflect the changing work environment. Collaboration is about transforming how you work together to drive competitive advantage for your enterprise. CRM is focused on helping banks respond faster to customer needs, unlocking new value and redefining customer engagement through the customer experience. Data and analytics can help the digital enterprise leverage every asset, resource and opportunity to accelerate growth, drive new levels of productivity and remain flexible in a constantly changing business climate with Microsoft technologies.

Avanades ERP built on the agile and powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, offers industry specific ERP solutions for retail, service industries, utilities, whosale distribution, healthcare and manufacturing. Avanades portfolio of infrastructure services empowers IT to create modern, digital workplaces that deliver greater business agility, faster time to value and improved operational effectiveness. Managed services help reduce cost, increase agility and drive growth to deliver a proven return of over $5 for every $1 invested.

Avanade can be contacted through various online platforms.

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