Apple rolls out new, cheaper MacBook Airs

Apple has launched new a cheaper line of MacBook Airs. Refreshed and more powerful, they are coming in a notch cheaper. The new version of computer contains fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

According to Apple, the new processors work with its OS X Maverick operating system to provide 12 hours of battery life on the 13-inch models and 9 hours on the 11-inch MacBook Airs. The 11-inch Air, with 128GB of storage, now sells for $899 and options range up to a 13-inch screen with 256GB of storage for $1,199. Expect more from Apple with this laptop line. According to reports, Apple is developing a hybrid, 12-inch MacBook Air that would perform like the larger, more powerful model while being almost as portable as the current 11-inch Air.

Addressing the anti-Apple crowds, who’ve often complained about the availability of cheaper, more powerful machines on the market, Apple boosted the performance and lowered the price of MacBook Air so even more people can experience the perfect everyday notebook.

The new models are now available online, in Apple’s retail stores and at select authorized retailers.

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